Insulating Your Home This Winter

Protecting Your Home Against the Cold This Winter

The funny thing is that without a thermal imaging camera, even though you know the heat is leaving your home you can’t see it with your own eyes, and as we all know seeing is believing.  But with a thermal imaging gun in your hand, man can you see it.

Heat-loss from uninsulated properties during what can be long and cold winters can be nothing short of colossal.  If you turn the oil or gas fired heating on in your property and it heats up fast, but then the temperature plummets once again like a stone when you turn the heating off, its clear you have a problem.  Your home should retain a reasonable level of heat for a few hours once you build the heat up.

But don’t worry, step one is realising you have a problem.  Then there are all sorts of fixes and solutions to consider once you become aware of the problem, and not all of them are going to be expensive ones.